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Apply the Most Reliable Brand Components & Super Durable-performance 

LINIO NEON 0408 SV as the side-vide, designed as the slimmest neon flex with cross-section size 4mm x 8mm (W x H). With horizontal bending with a radius of 15mm. DC24V (23.5Vmin, 24.5Vmax) & working temperature -25oC to +55oC. And perfectly to present homogeneous light effect & ONE BIN ONLY & CRI Ra95@ WHT range from 2700K-5500K. Applicable for various projects, such as architectural lighting, façade accent lighting, cover lighting, or other type of lighting which super beautiful and stylish.

VoltageDC24V(23.5Vmin 24.5Vmax)
LED PIN TemperatureMax65oC/149oF
Storage Temperature-40oC/-40oF min, 60oC/140oF max
Min. Ambient Temperature (Ta min)-40oC/-40oF
Max. Ambient Temperature (Ta max)65oC/149oF@6W
Power (W/m, W/ft)6W/M
Unit Cut25mm

Max Run Length (M)5


Installation Benefits

With benefits of easy cut and reconnected at project sites. And the custom length is available as well. Plus the seamless cable entry with different waterproof levels which makes perfect lighting line without any interruption. For instance, IP44 and IP65 front cable entry solutions. Apply the IP44/IP65 protection with high-standard silicone, UV resistant, solvents resistant, dust-free, dot-free, and very versatile.


There are more options to support your different needs. For example, anodized aluminium channel specific for straight illumination, or clips for curved or shaped places. And the male and female connectors allow easier connections plug and play. Also with full range of drivers provide the best service for you, e.g., apply the dimming and DALI control system for ON/OFF. And just in case you need to cut the product, and apply the Silicone glue to fix the end cap & closed end cap.


Extraordinary lighting-effect, by producing very flawless and elegant illuminance. Horizontally, incredibly, and precisely to highlight the certain-areas as the requirements. And provides very homogeneous lighting for various different shapes, e.g., tracing straight, curved, or even round-contour. 

Environmental consideration

Regarding with low power consumption, energy-saving, and durable life span. And its working temperature -40oC to +65oC which is very good at dealing with harsh-environments, e.g., with conditions of dry, or wet.