Professional-Grade of Lighting Level with Best Illuminance 

HELA FLEX WHT is a type of pixel with small size of 39*29*18.8mm, very light weight, can be arbitrary bending and deformation. Extremely versatile, and IP67 waterproof which perfectly ensure it can work outside and inside lighting projects. E.g., decoration for highlight irregular-shape of building, to beautify the bridge, to display vivid images in HD screen, or to create the luxury and commercial atmosphere in the fancy-car exhibition. ONE BIN ONLY maintain the highly color-consistency, and within 3 steps of color-tolerance.


As a Technological and Extremely Exquisite of Lighting Provider 

SUNO FLEX WHT provide the white color range from 2700K to 6000K, with IP67 waterproof, and ONE BIN ONLY of color-consistency. Professional-standard of lighting provider, for both external and internal light showcase. For example, as the decorative function for a super skyscraper, makes it become the most eye-catching landmark in the city. Or as simple and beautiful WHT light in people’s house, to refine the internal space. Very easy installation, super durable working performance, and apply the ON&OFF control system.


Innovation & Lighting-Showcase 

SUNO FLEX RGB with DMX512 control system, perfectly present the best lighting-performance during different lighting showcases. Each of the pixel size of 38*14.8*21.5mm, ONE BIN ONLY to keep the best color-consistency, and maintain 2 steps of color-tolerance. Suitable for different types of projects, such as to decorate Shangri-La Hotel which to make the atmosphere of relaxing and comfortable. Or as the essential component part of advertising HD screen, to be display the lighting effect 24/7.


Simple and Practical Bright-Solution 

SUNO FLEX RGBW as size of 38*14.8*21.5mm, ONE BIN ONLY of color-consistency, and within 2 steps of color-tolerance. As the best combination of color light (e.g., blue, red, green, yellow, etc.) and WHT (options from 2700K to 6000K) light. Be applied the DMX512 control system, and works for both indoor and outdoor, anywhere such as hotel, shopping mall, center building, or entertainment places. Various purposes such as to decorate the environment, to create the atmosphere, or to shape & highlight the building over the night.


Professional & Passionate to Provide the Best Lighting-Solution 

URBO FLEX WHT is a very great & useful LED product which with the features of non-sticky, easy-installation and stays clean of the surface, no chemical reaction with detergent. Could perfectly work with different shape and locations building, such as big-size building, popular spots of shopping mall, or downtown center building. And URBO FLEX WHT could be very flexible & customized, such as the distance between pixel and pixel, light color, cable, length of open-wire, or connectors. Modern architecture can not only be illuminated with a custom light solution but also be displayed in an attractive way.


With Advanced Technology and Amazing Idea of Light-Structure 

URBO FLEX RGB with 70*60*26mm size for each of pixel, 3W & 24V as constant voltage, and ONE BIN ONLY character to retain the highly color consistency. Perfectly work with DMX512 control system to make the better operation of lighting and devices. And could be used anywhere in the city, e.g., to make the best luxury feeling in a hotel, to highlight the shape of building, or to refine the night-view of lighting for the theme water-world park. A lot of place and reason for needing this type of product.