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Jakarta, Indonesia

The smallest project can often be the most challenging because they will be viewed by the public up close and this demands a completely different approach to lighting settings. This project was finished back in 2020 and it used the SUNO FLEX RGB with 8 pixels per meter and a total of 48,000 pixels that are checked 24/7 with the DMX512 monitoring system. The Jakarta Project in Indonesia is the type of project that is seemingly easier to do for a provider like Beamever that has been responsible for massive lighting and screen installations in numerous locations worldwide.

The appeal of this particular place is that the public is going to be close to the display and this makes it much more intricate as the intensity of the lights and the positioning of the installation is going to play a major role in the general perception of the audience. Beamever always works closely with the project owners in order to ensure that their vision is met and surpassed by the results they provide. This is possible thanks to decades of experience that have allowed them to learn how to make use of proper installation methods that are optimal for each situation. In this case, the use of stainless steel buckle mounting provided the ultimate solution to ensure that the installation remains firmly in place. This is a project that reminds us of the value of a small but tastefully installed system that is also cost effective.