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Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin

Shangri-La takes its name from James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon, an Arcadia in the mountains of Tibet, China. A very happy and simple place. In 1971, Hong Kong, the hometown of Shangri-La Hotel. Later on, be known as the top one of five-star hotel in Asia. It provides the best-ever service, international-style, a very wonderful resort. People who had experience in Shangri-La hotel, who described the service, would make you feel like bathing in the spring wind. Totally so delighted and relaxed.


As one of the branches, Shangri-La Hotel Harbin, located along the Songhua River nearby the central business district overlooking the beautiful Songhua River and Harbin city scenery. In 2020, Beamever as professional more than 12 years, architerctural lighting manufacture, also always as the primary-option to lighting designer, they provided very high-end and artistic luminaire to that hotel-project. To meet the expectation of being contemporary (modern and fashionable atmosphere), stylish (unique and artistic design), internationalized (global preference), and natural-blue color (stands for natural, comfortable, sky, and trustful) in outside appearance of the hotel building. Applied URBO FLEX RGB type of pixel which is really easy to carry out simply to be installed, and environmentally-friendly. With 10 pixels per meter and in total of 50000 pixels for the project implemented. Which totally perfect fits with the shape of building and the quality of the requirement.

Installed with punched perfect size of hole in those aluminum-groove, and putted pixel lamps into it. That could ensure a completely reliable outcome, and this type of installation becomes a popular request in many areas and buildings worldwide. Lastly, to fix those aluminum-groove with lamps into the installing structure of hotel building. More importantly, to combine and use the function of DMX512 control system that could successfully integrates LED light with computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology and embedded control technology. Perfectly presented artistic brilliance. Purpose on strive towards producing a flawless lighting. And to achieve the pursue of the matchless beauty & eternal qualities.


Beamever always puts their customers in the very first place. And, their products also come up with the best of optical design in professional-grade as outdoor lighting, superb lighting-effect, and create exquisite work. And furthermore, people will always to get so surprised that the whole project cost in the effective and economical way. For example, applied the LED type of light, which could save more than 80% energy compared with traditional light source, under the same lighting effect. It has better environmental benefits, could be recycled, and as the healthy-grow lighting product.