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Center Fishing Port Lighthouse, Yazhou, Sanya

China, as a country with more than 5000 years of history and culture, its reputation is spread far and wide and has been handed down to the present. The Silk Road is one of the most significant historical stories. Very significant because it was an important commercial channel connected between ancient China and Western the outside world.


In 2017, the Silk Tower was completed in Yazhou, Sanya. As the highest beacon-light tower in China, the tower is 95 meters high with "Zun" as the overall shape, which means "the most honorable". The light of the lighthouse serves as the guiding light for fishermen of all countries, and also as the continuation of the millennial fishing-culture. The construction and design of the whole tower is the most perfect combination of culture and high-tech display. Factors in terms of color, shape, historical significance, feng shui, orientation, etc., which have been really carefully considered. For example, the tower is surrounded by water on the three sides, which has been a symbol of wealth and luck in China since ancient times. That is why so many people like to live near water or have a water tank or goldfish tank in their home.


One of the most amazing things in the world is when the light and the artistic inspiration of the bay combine burst out infinite artistic inspiration. The Silk Tower was a huge and monumental project. Naturally, there are also very high requirements for the use of various lights and technologies. Used the most classic and the most popular pixel lamp as the main lighting, use a total of 250,000 points, and strive to achieve the perfection and perfection of every detail and the effect displayed. And with the most modern, high-tech DMX512 control system, not only can do to interpret the lighting effect to the best effect, but also can save energy and environmental protection to create a more sustainable future development.


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