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Moscow telegram building

Located in the massive city of Moscow, the Telegram building has always been an important part of the architecture in the area. A building that has been around since 1927, it has received proper maintenance through the years to ensure that it can keep up with the times, but the addition of the SUNO FLEX RGB with a DMX512 control system and a 53000 pixel, 5300-meter screen installation provides a significant change and a boost in appeal as well as engagement.

This screen is meant to provide a powerful light display that is going to be easy to see even during the peak brightness levels caused by the sun. Many screens will be completely dimmed by sunlight, but the SUNO FLEX RGB screen installation proves to handle this without issues. Given that the dimensions of the screen are so prominent, this is an installation that is unlikely to go unnoticed by anyone that walks by or drives by the building.

The Moscow Telegram Building is a perfect example of the incredible enhancements and promotional boosting benefits of installing a SUNO FLEX RGB screen with Beamever. With an install that ensures a completely reliable outcome, this is becoming a popular request in many areas and buildings that are situated in busy areas of major cities worldwide with great results.

Beamever has installed these types of screens in buildings all over the world and they have managed to gain popularity for their impeccable results and cost-effective proposals. This is yet another reason why people are seeing more of these visually appealing screens in many locations.