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Ordos future world

Located in the beautiful, skyscraper-friendly City of Ordos, this 1500 square-meter installation gives way to an incredible display that gibes a particular level of notoriety to a small building. This installation uses 52620 pixels and it was designed and installed for Ordos Future world in 2011. It creates a perfect showcase of the type of screen installation that allows for a truly unique result that is clear enough to be clearly showcased during the day.


HELA FLEX provides a truly outstanding solution that makes use of 12 pixels per meter and a total of 4385 meters. This means that the light shows on this screen and the fluidity of the animations showcased on it are extremely detailed and colorful. This makes it the type of technology that can work 24/7 of this is what the business owner desires.


It is relevant to note that the technology that has been implemented behind the scenes is just as relevant. With a 24/7 monitoring system for diagnostics and software-based interface controls, the Ordos Future World installation is a gorgeous and massive display of color. This ensures optimal energy consumption levels and this is going to be extremely important for screens that are running all day long. 


Ordos Future World is just one of the many examples of the quality that Beamever provides to every customer. The attention to detail and the outstanding level of control and monitoring they implement are simply outstanding for a truly cost-effective project. The benefits of installing this technology are vast and the possibilities endless. They allow a business to communicate through the establishment itself and that makes it an incredible addition to the promotional efforts of the business as well as their brand appeal.