The Best Combination of Lighting Work


The series of PIXELS presents the very high-standard of lighting contribution, technological application, and the attitude of being precise. Apply in many places and many ways, e.g., the most busy and commercial business street, downtown building, hotels, theme park, etc. With the extremely easy of installation, stay clear of light’s surface, smells good, and various ‘anti’ features, e.g., anti-UV, anti-corrosion, weatherproof, waterproof, etc.


Optical Designing



Being so strategically to consider about the lighting design. Purpose on maintain the precise of lighting-consistency, increase the rate of luminous flux, or apply the principle of the light refraction to redistributed the side light and peripheral light. 

IP67 waterproof for preventing any water-series of in-breaking, such as fog, rain, vapor, or other type of water. Anti-UV to maintain the primary-color of light-body. Anti-corrosion to prevent the most type of chemical corrosion. 

BM always put customers the very priority of consideration. So, in order to meet various type of needs, expectations, or requirements, there are sort of options are available. 




Each pixel contains a high-tech electronic device inside, also it works very well with control system. For example, to pre-programing the light style, such as design what kind of sentences, pictures, or videos will be play later on. 

Not only for the business, but also, importantly to consider the long-term development. BM shows their positive attitude and practical-action for join the ‘green-group’.

This kind of products have moderate size, very strong versatility, atmospheric appearance, and excellent performance. Be used for various regular or irregular outline delineation, large advertising screens, outdoor landscape lighting source. 

Full Family of Options


With the PIXELS family, with many outstanding performances products. For the White-Category, which includes HELA FLEX WHT, SUNO FLEX WHT, and URBO FLEX WHT. And for the Color-Category, which includes SUNO FLEX RGB, SUNO FLEX RGBW, URBO FLEX RGB, and URBO FLEX RGBW. Furthermore, multiple choices are provided, such as the installation approaches, the color of pixel & light, the length of open-wire, choose of material, the control system which ON/OFF or DMX512, etc.

Our Cases