Amazing Pixels Creating the Superb Lighting Outcome 

URBO FLEX RGBW as one of the most exquisite and high-quality pixels which could be apply in many ways and places. Extremely flexible and durably, e.g., each of the pixels could be combined in many ways, or for different purposes. The more pixels, with closer distance, could bring a better lighting effect. Very easily install and set-up with, different installation measures, such as punch and clips, stainless-wire, or copper-wire, etc. To fit with and refining the beautiful atmosphere for both inside and outside of buildings. And ONE BIN ONLY to make sure the consistency of color, and always stay with your visual comfortable-zone.


A Practical New Type of Decorative Point-Source Light Each of single 

VERA RGB with size of 95*86*71.5mm could build very impressive lighting outcome, e.g., to outline the shape of building, to decorate semicircular-shape of architecture, used in theme park, or as monochromatic using at home. With IP66 waterproof, the agreeable luminous environments could be both outside and inside. And be used either the homogeneous or colorful. Generally, the luminous efficacy is professional-grade & DMX512 control system which very smoothly of color-mixture & color-change. With fully protection, e.g., anti-UV, dust-free, reliable circuit operation, and prevent from overheat & overload.


With Exquisite Appearance and Precisely Presenting the Best Illuminance 

VERA RGBW is a point-source light with excellent performance during different lighting-projects. Such as to decorate the outside appearance of a large-size building, to highlight the shape of the edge, or to refine the atmosphere as requirement. Each light size is 95*86*71.5mm, apply with constant voltage of 6W & 24V, and pretty much for energy saving & beautify the effect of embellishment, e.g., according to the LED color temperature can reach more bright color and smooth natural color changes.


A Powerful Solution of Wall Washer Light as Cambered-Shaped 

Generally, people know the wall washer light as very straight or a long-rectangle shape. However, ARTO GRAZE WHT breaks the rules, it turns to hinge-joint, very flexible and creative shape, perfectly fit with various lighting works. With 195mm*75mm*53.8mm lengths per one size, WHT color range with 2700K- 6000K, e.g., warm white, cool white, or some white in specific needs. And it could be used in many places, such as to decorate both the interior & exterior of building, as the external wall lighting for historical & famous traveling spots, as the green-landscape lighting, atmosphere-creator for bars, exhibition-halls, or other entertainment places.


The Combination of Rigorous Design & Technological Application 

ARTO GRAZE RGB has the most exquisite appearance, modular combined design, infinite splice, and as the best combination of fastidious light design & high-tech application. With DMX512 control system, and IP67 waterproof. It has capacity to work in various places, e.g., as the simple lighting decoration inside of the building, or as the embellished function for outside lighting projects. Very flexible and easy installation that perfectly meets different needs, e.g., fit in the long-shape, or cambered corner requirement.


Simple and Flexible Wall-Washer Light 

ARTO GRAZE RGBW presents very impressive functions and outcome to each project it deals with. With IP67 waterproof, within 2 steps of color-tolerance, and ONE BIN ONLY of highly color-consistency, light design with adjustable angles, and multiple lens to replace or achieve the best combination of light illuminance. Be widely used in different places, such as inside of house, highlight the shape of building, or within the theme park. Always be the very priority of consideration during light project out.